In today’s frantic world, a home is no longer merely a wood-and-stone shell in where one resides and stores their possessions. Your home is a safe haven, a cocoon from the outside world, a place of rest, nourishment and tranquility. In a word it is “yours”. And just as the home itself has surpassed its most basic functions and developed into something more, so too have the distinct rooms within it, ones with their own character and utility.
At i2m, we have always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. We are driven by the need to change the perception of what a peaceful home could be, and how it can be used, with careful attention on form over function. We strive to provide environmentally friendly products that are, designed to improve the utility, cleanliness, comfort and convenience of residential and non-residential spaces.

Our ranges are available in a wealth of sizes and styles, to ensure seamless co-ordination for both residential and commercial interiors. We blend contemporary design and elegance of art with the perfect balance to satisfy your unique needs, habits and behavior. Drawing inspiration from nature, and by drawing special attention to the latest in modern design that ultimately amalgamates beauty, modernity, functionality and water efficiency, of course at affordable prices, here at i2m, we present you with a striking collection of tiles, marble, granite, sanitary ware, kitchenware, locks & handles, and other interior fixtures.

we are confident can give you a complete solution in building your dream home. The old rules are crumbling. The past quick fixes are neither quick, nor fixes. In a shifting landscape where tastes change faster than fashion, there’s only one anchor to keep the boat steady: Creativity. A new way of looking at same old problems. That’s what our speaks. And Design is our favourite verb.
Kind Regards.

Imtiaz Ahmed
Managing Director
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